Roadmap to ROI

Roadmap to ROI

Proven Tactics You Can Use Today to Achieve the ROI You Were Promised from Your Digital Experience Platform

For the last decade, we’ve worked with a variety of enterprise clients in industries like Travel & Hospitality, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Financial Services. From day-one, we’ve been absolutely floored by the fact that these huge companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on infrastructure and licensing, and an equal or greater amount on professional services to implement these systems, and yet they’re still running them like brochure sites.

Personalization and multivariate testing are at the top of the list of things that never get done, and using advanced, customer-centric functionality is always a technical hurdle and several development sprints away.

Does this sound familiar to you? The struggle is real for companies of all sizes.

In this fast-paced, choose-your-own-adventure style webinar, co-founders Anne Saulnier and John Hobart are going to show you simple techniques you can use right away to start getting the Return on Investment you were promised from your DXP (e.g., Sitecore and Episerver), along with templates and tools you can download for free to start measuring and proving out your results.

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Roadmap to ROI Interactive Webinar

Get the Return on Investment you were promised from your Digital Experience Platform with testing and personalization tactics you can start using today.

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